The word “Defense” attorney can be misleading.  A good defense attorney doesn’t simply “defend” his or her clients.  I myself do not think of what I do as being defensive.  Rather, I look at “defense” as attacking the other side, in much the same way that a linebacker in football attacks the other side’s offense. When I first took my Attorney’s Oath at the Colorado Supreme Court, I took an oath to zealously represent my clients. It is my job to believe in them- and LISTEN to them- when no one else (sometimes even their own families) will.

I will take cases to trial and expose the holes, weaknesses, and lies in the government’s case, including the motivations of those who file bogus charges against others.  I do not allow clients to take bad deals.  I do not play games with Prosecutors.  I do not back down.


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This aggressive approach to criminal defense requires digging.
Digging into the facts.
Really taking a hard look at the facts and analyzing them.


Questioning witnesses.
Sketching out rough drafts of questions for cross examinations.
Analyzing and breaking down the facts to see what makes sense and what doesn't.
Finding out how the "facts" square up with Common sense and logic- and where they do not.


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